The Global Shapers Community is a network of young people driving dialogue, action and change. Born out of the World Economic Forum, the Global Shapers Community is a network of inspiring young people working together to address local, regional and global challenges.

    The Global Shapers Community is a network of city-based Hubs developed and led by young leaders who want to develop their potential towards serving society. To that end, Hubs undertake local projects to improve their communities.


    Shapers are highly motivated individuals who have great potential for future leadership roles in society. They are selected on the basis of their achievements, leadership potential, and commitment to make a difference. Through the Global Shapers Community, Shapers are provided with opportunities to connect with the worldwide network of Global Shapers, to network with other World Economic Forum communities, and to represent the voice of youth at World Economic Forum events. Shapers are united by a common desire to channel the members’ tremendous energy and enthusiasm into building a more peaceful and inclusive world.


    The Global Shapers Community is one of several multi-stakeholder communities at the World Economic Forum. Other communities include the Young Global Leaders, the Global Agenda Councils, and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs.


    Learn more about the Global Shapers Community and apply, or nominate a Shaper!

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    We're on a mission to connect talented and motivated young leaders to meaningful public service and engagement opportunities to create positive change in our local community and global society.

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    Founded in late 2014, we have grown from a hub of 12 to more than 30 members now. Our hub represents the international community in Shanghai, with members coming from 10+ different countries.

    Our core objectives are:

    • Establish a thriving local community of action-oriented members
    • Leverage our international backgrounds to make visible contributions to human capital development in China
    • Participate regularly in World Economic Forum activities and build relationships across the Global Shapers network

    If you are based in Shanghai, below the age of 27, and are socially minded, please consider applying to join the Global Shapers We have just completed our 2020 recruiting cycle, and the next one will start in 2021.

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    Shapers at the 2019 Fall Hub Retreat


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    Eoin Brown

    Curator 2020

    USA-China Education & Entrepreneurship

    Eoin has focused his career at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship between China and the United States.

    Eoin is currently a Product Marketing Advisor for startups LeadersAtlas and RooeyKnots. From 2012-2014, Eoin co-founded and led an international internships business, which was selected for SOS Venture's Chinaccelerator Program in Shanghai. Eoin later served as the China Regional Manager for Minerva and consulted for Paragon One, LearningLeaders, and TAL's Global Education Summit.

    Contact Eoin via LinkedIn or email at eoin.b.brown@gmail.com.

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    Kang Kang

    Vice-Curator 2020

    Connector & Love Sharing

    Kang is a natural connector with experience in NGOs and women's leadership. She studied at the World Academy for The Future of Women, where she volunteered at leadership seminars, interactive labs, coaching sessions, and open forums to acquire leadership skills to address the United Nations Millennium Development and Sustainable Development Goals from 2011- 2015.

    Kang is currently a Key Account Associate Manager and China Lead of WIN (Women In Nielsen), delivering personal and leadership development for 600+ women employees. She is the Fellow of Dragon 100, an Ethnic Chinese youth leadership network under Hong Kong Dragon Foundation and the Member of the Youth Think-Tank I.D.E.A.S of HK Federations of Youth Groups.

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    Darren O Connell

    Impact Officer 2020

    Committed to tackle complex social problems by designing sustainable business model solutions. Currently developing a social enterprise project, Regeneration Labs, using exercise, team building and eco-tourism to raise awareness and actively accelerate environmental change – starting in China.


    Passionate about (4 E’s): Exercise / Education / Entrepreneurship / The Environment…and also meeting other passionate people!


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    Daisy Guo

    Co-Founder of Tezign.com
    Curator 2018

    Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture, Central Academy of Fine Arts. Formerly: part of the curating team for the Chinese pavilion at Venice Biennale 2012; also has experience curating exhibitions in Italy, Spain and Germany. Design background and consistent reflection on design industry gives more insights into today's creative economy, leading to the founding of Tezign in 2014. CoFounder, Tezign.com, an online platform connecting creative professionals and clients with design demand. Since its founding, Tezign has been dedicated to the reshaping of design service workflow and employment relationship between creative professionals and clients.

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    Lu Ying

    Co-founder & CEO of Future Urban Living
    Vice Curator 2018

    Born in Shanghai, raised in Finland and having worked across 3 different continents, Lu has a broad range of experiences acquired from tech startups to corporate C-level execution with some of the most innovative organizations ranked by Forbes.

    As the co-founder of Future Urban Living, Lu’s mission is to help businesses become more regenerative by design. Operating between the circular economy and blockchain corporate governance, she’s actively involved in multiple cross-sector initiatives pushing for systemic change.

    Nonlinear, interdisciplinary and macro-level thinker with nuanced understanding across cultural complexity. Lu finds her personal balance at the intersection of social impact, economics and arts.

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    Greg Nance

    Co-Founder, Dyad

    Greg Nance founded Dyad.com, an online mentorship platform, while a Gates Scholar at Cambridge University. As a Truman Scholar at UChicago Greg co-founded Moneythink, a FinTech company honored by President Obama as a “Champion of Change.” In recognition of his work in global education, the Diplomatic Courier named Greg one of the "Top 99 Foreign Policy Leaders Under 33” and the Jefferson Awards for Public Service named him a "Globe Changer.” Greg loves endurance challenges and has solo climbed Mont Blanc and run 250KM across the Gobi Desert.

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    Susanna MA

    Co-Founder of RetreatAttitude
    Founding Partner at g0ttago

    Susanna is an accredited facilitator and coach specialized in creative collaboration and phototherapy, and a Points of You® Level 4 Master to maximize professional and personal development leading to new possibilities and creating space for growth.

    Susanna has gained a great deal of experience developing Learning & Development strategies and designing leadership development and other training programs utilizing creative learning tools, innovative training methods, and co-creation methodology. Her clients range from Adidas, DANONE, Saint-Gobain, Unity, education institutions, and other SMEs.

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    Lisa Xu (许宁悦晨)

    CEO Assistant at Chengdu Chenxin Human Resources Management

    Multicultural exposure gained through living and working in China, USA. Fluent in Mandarin, English and French. Currently back in Chengdu help building family business in HR management and outsourcing for major factories in southwest China such as Foxxcom, Jabil & Jingdongfang.

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    Siyi Ren

    Founder, Tea Plays

    Siyi is a quadrilingual tea fanatic not only into all sorts and origins of sophisticated Chinese teas, but also loves to explore different tea blends and herbal cultures across the world. Having lived in Spain, the Netherlands and Germany for six years and now back in China, she started an innovative brand “Tea Plays” aiming to add a flavor of fun and internationality into the traditional Chinese tea market.

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    Yuanmo Xie (Momo)

    Creative Lead, Blockshine

    Yuanmo Xie works as a graphic facilitator for various conferences such as World Economic Forum China Business Roundtable 2016 and 2017, Horasis Global Meeting 2017, Pre-Davos 2017 in Dalian. She also illustrated for cultural events, collaborated with China Arts & Entertainment Group (CAEG), British Council, Danish Embassy and so on. Now she is working at a Blockchain start-up company Blockshine as a creative lead, sharing knowledge and insight of Blockchain industry.

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    Tingting Fang


    Tingting is co-founder of Heyshop, an one-stop e-commerce solution and initiator of Network 404, a community that regularly hosts workshops and events to advance collaborations between retail brands. She is also a synchronized swimmer, a diver, a surfer and lives another life in water.

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    Nicolas de Toledo

    Connecting Switzerland and China

    Swiss national, founder of three active companies in 10 years in China. With the support of diplomatic institutions, encouraged the exchanges to and from China at all levels: cultural, professional, and corporate, through various projects such as business learning expeditions on innovative technologies and investments for company executives and politicians. Actively works with multinationals, governments and business schools. Within the Global Shaper community, launched the project IMPROVE.

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    Grace Ng

    Co-Founder & CPO, Javelin.com

    Curator 2018

    Grace is an entrepreneur, designer, and artist exploring the intersection of creative production and impactful creation. She founded Lean Startup Machine and Javelin.com, a global entrepreneurship education workshop and software platform for new product innovation. Through her work, she's spoken at The White House, United Nations, and Singularity University to teach others a more effective way to start businesses. As an artist, she incorporates futuristic technology like AI, VR, and neuroscience to explore the human condition. She hopes to inspire others to live a creative, impactful life as well. View her work at graceng.co.

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    Matthew Jackson

    Avid Traveler & Corporate Connector

    Originally from the UK, currently residing in Shanghai, Matthew has also lived in South Korea and Vietnam. Matthew is an intrapreneur and passionate connector, as a global market specialist responsible for fostering cross-border relationships by assisting Fortune 500 corporates and MNC's expand through their commercial real estate decisions.

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    Katherine Gao

    Branding Manager, Trina Solar

    Graduated from Brown University with a degree in Economics and Sociology in 2017. Katherine is now the branding manager of Trina Solar, the world leading company of smart solar solutions, and also the founder and chairman of Trina Capital, a venture capital fund that invests in early-growth stage businesses. Katherine is also actively involved in social causes, including being the founder of Co-link Environmental Agency and the deputy secretary general of Eco Forum Global’s Urban and Enterprise Committee.

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    Chen Ling (Zero)

    Founding Partner, Studiolite (SLT)

    Zero holds a Master of Urban Design from Harvard University, and has many years of working experience at KPF (New York), Kengo Kuma Architects and MAD Architects before founding SLT Design Consultancy. His expertise includes overarching strategies, management, and operations in many growing fields, such as experiential commercial space, creative tourism planning & development, rural reconstruction strategies, and custom boutique designs. Clients he collaborated with including K11, Beijing Olympic Park, LVMH, Lady M Newyork, various governmental entities etc. With a keen focus and extensive knowledge of contemporary trends, he concentrates on innovative design and operating strategies in modern urbanism process.

    He is a world-traveler and used to be a professional pingpong player.

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    Fengwei Zhou

    Co-Founder, Impact Hub Shanghai

    Holds a master degree in entrepreneurship and open innovation; MIA candidate at Columbia University. Co-founded the 1st Impact Hub in mainland China 2016, developing community-based programming and impact capacity-building strategies for social impact startups.


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    Chen Wang

    CEO, Slush China

    Chen is an international adventurer. She was born in China, lived in Finland for 10 years and traveled to more than 50 countries.

    Chen is passionate about entrepreneurship and social impact. She co-founded an online coaching platform LiteUp, helping young professionals to advance in career and reach life and work balance. In 2015, she returned to China as the CEO of Slush China, a world leading international startup and technology event. Slush China aims to connect European and Chinese startup communities and help world-changing startup founders succeed.


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    Teng Bao

    Co-Founder & CPO, Strikingly

    Teng Bao is cofounder and CPO of Strikingly (strikingly.com & sxl.cn), a web publishing and ecommerce platform for entrepreneurs and creatives. Today, Strikingly serves over two million users with ridiculously simple websites, ecommerce, blogging, and WeChat Mini Programs -- unlocking the power of the internet for small businesses across the world. Strikingly graduated from Y Combinator's Winter 2013 batch, and has since raised over $18m. Teng has been building software and games since middle school. He grew up in Florida and studied economics at the University of Chicago.

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    Mingquan Zuo

    Digital Strategist

    Mingquan Zuo is a digital strategist with experience in consulting (Strategy&), venture capital and entrepreneurship. He has professional experience in China, Singapore, United States and Canada across diverse industries including automotive, technology, consumer, industrials and financial services.

    Ming is currently attending INSEAD for his MBA. He previously obtained a dual degree in Mathematics and Business Administration from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University. On a personal level, Ming is a student of history, has a keen interest in a wide range of social sciences and delves into the realm of philosophy.

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    Moon Yin

    Product Manager, SAP

    As a product manager for SAP, I am passionate about solving emerging social and business problems using the latest technology innovation. Working as a software engineer and project manager in the different-sized team - ranging from a startup to an established industry leader - in both the U.S. and China, I have learned to manage multicultural teams by respecting diverse perspectives and developed a mindset of thinking outside the box. Outside the cooperate office, I am passionate about personal development and building meaningful communities. My life mission is to apply technology innovation and advanced business practice to empower community that fostered me.

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    Pierrick Renou

    Engineer, Start-Up Co-founder

    Studied engineering in France and Germany with majors in energy and environmental sciences. Living and working in Shanghai since then. Previously in a French-Chinese joint-venture doing energy-saving and building retrofit projects. Currently launching a start-up in China promoting solutions for sustainable construction, eco-friendly materials, and tackling well-being issues in the built environment.

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    Ossian Heulin

    Key Account Manager, Business Transformation, Dassault Systemes

    Ossian is an entrepreneur at heart. Graduated from the prestigious Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts et Metiers and 北京航空航大学 , he cofounded Planit, Beijing based waste management platform, before joining Dassault Systemes as Key Account Manager for Smart City & Life Science business transformation. Passionate about Business & Tech Innovation, he above all enjoys the learning process and community building, which is the reason why, aside from his corporate role, he built various organisations around entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, and now strives to learn how to merge sustainability & business to build lasting impact and educate large organisations around it.

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    Cecilia Zhang

    Marketing and Communications Officer, People Connector

    Cecilia is obsessed with making things happened. Four-year experience during university time in the World Academy for the Future of Women, a multi-level leadership program focusing on developing young women, shaped her as a changemaker who is passionate about gender equality and human rights.

    Currently, Cecilia is a Senior Marketing and Communications Officer in DSM Hydrocolloids based in Shanghai. As a cross-culture communicator, she was an ambassador of One Young World Forum.

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    Cher Li

    Graduate Student at Antai School of Economics, Branding, Journalism

    Cher graduated from Waseda University and Peking University with a dual degree in international relations and political economy. Cher worked in Japan with Rakuten and creative agencies on branding projects and campaigns. She has worked with brands such as Nike, Adidas, as well as the G20 Osaka Summit and Stephen Curry-Under Armour Documentary. She is currently studying business administration at Shanghai Jiaotong University where she is interested in the field of E-commerce, start-ups and technology. She is passionate about journalism on political economic issues such as free trade, demilitarization, globalization with Borders and climate change.

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    Wenbo Yang

    Graduate Student (Architecture Design)

    Wenbo Yang is a graduate student studying Architecture in Tongji University and in Sapienza University of Rome. He won the National Scholarship for several times. Passionate about promoting the design methods among teenagers, he have been the Instructor of public courses in YUZ Museum and TA in China Women's Development Foundation- STEM GIRLS Training Camp. As the member of Leadership Training Program of All-China Students’ Federation in 2016, Wenbo served as the President of Hubei Provincial Students’ Federation as well as President of Students’ Union of HUST to launch influential events for students. Now he is the Director of the Department of Users’ Experience in Viva la Vida, a social enterprise aiming to promote interpersonal and intercultural understanding through art and storytelling.

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    Mark Wang

    Digital & Strategy Analyst, BearingPoint

    Mark is a management consultant in BearingPoint, a European consulting firm that focused on Digital Strategy. As a professional, he helped the clients to solve the problems and provided advanced solutions. Previous to the consulting field, Mark used to be a business development manager in the education industry and successfully cooperating with the customers.

    On the other side of work, Mark is also very passionate about the topics and activities such as volunteering, education, NGO, CSR, SDGs, and entrepreneurship. He used to participate in an NGO named AlESEC of the global talent development program and currently in another organization called Junior Achievement as a facilitator to lecture the students in high schools.

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    Karri Wang

    Venture Director, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Blockchain

    Karri Wang worked in a boutique investment bank before moving into blockchain. He is currently working for Blockchain Laboratory of Application of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing as a Venture Director. Clienteles include Australia Government, Vnesgeconombank Bank (Russia), League One football Club.. etc.
    He has a keen interest in curating start-ups. He founded a MCN company last year within Douyin ecosystem, and a diversity app in 2015 and was later sold to a listed company.
    Karri graduated from University of Melbourne and traveled frequently between the U.S. and Australia. His expertise are witnessed in bridging resources between China and the West.
    Apart from his professional career, he is also an avid snowboarder and adventurer. Usually a few trips are organised during good winter season in the outback or resorts, let him know if you are keen in tagging along!

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    Nagore Osa Arzuaga

    Innovation strategist and futurologist

    She graduated from Mondragon Team Academy, specializing in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation, where she lead different innovation projects in Finland, California, South Korea and India. At the age of twenty, she created her first StartUp, Go for Visual, an innovation agency based on the Visual Thinking methodology based in Shanghai. In 2019 she incorporated in Tokylabs a robotics company, to create a SpinOff based on Google Design Sprint methodology. Her dream is to innovate in the field of future of creativity with the aim of discovering new forms of creative collaboration of humans and high technology.

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    Alan Chan

    Future of Work Evangelist, ByteDance

    Born and raised in Hong Kong, educated in part in the UK with a BSc Econ and MSc Entrepreneurship from the University of Nottingham. Experienced in strategy consulting and international business development in China and Europe. Currently working at ByteDance focusing on growth for Lark, a B2B collaboration suite. Passionate about the future of work, tech for good, youth empowerment, and China's evolving role in the world.

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    Alexis Lin

    Trainer and Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Nielsen

    Alexis is a trainer and diversity program leader at the leading market research consultancy Nielsen. As the chair of the Inclusion Impact Team (IIT), she leads a 37-member committee to strategize and execute Nielsen’s ERG
    (Employee Resource Group) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Program surrounding gender equality, LGBTQ Inclusion, Disability Inclusion, Cultural Inclusion, and Pro-Bono Projects.

    Alexis wishes to contribute her insights on promoting social responsibility
    within businesses in support of the “Think Globally, Act Locally” goals in China and the global community.

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    Amy Lin

    Venture Builder

    Amy is a Market Lead for China at HYPE, a team of passionate Venture Builders that help Startups demystify, unlock, and succeed in Asia.
    Previously, she served as General Manager of the largest distributor at Tangeche, an Alibaba-invested O2O financial project, where she established an Operation Headquarter in Shanghai and led significant growth in auto sales and rental revenues. Over the span of six months, she built the Team from the ground up and led the expansion of 200 franchisee stores across China. Prior to her role at Tangeche, Amy introduced Mini Melts Ice-cream, an INC 500 brand from the USA, into the Taiwanese market as co-founder of Mini-melts International. During this period, the brand achieved a 300,000-member fanbase on Facebook within the first ten months of launch. Amy is passionate about consumer goods and building companies that deliver a positive impact to the overall society.
    She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Hong Kong.

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    Athena Yan

    Greater China All In, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at McKinsey & Company / All In Woman Alliance Operation Manager

    Athena is the lead of McKinsey Greater China All In Women Group and the operation manager of All In Woman Alliance group. She is also a life coach, a tango DJ and a content creator. She is extremely passionate about women empowerment and self-development. She has a blog named AthenaYan and a podcast named Self-Evolution ( 自我进化论)

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    Connie Zhao

    Strategy Ops Lead, Google / Certified Strength Coach

    I am a "growth" engineer.
    Professionally, I help businesses define growth strategies and land operational plans to realize strategic bets and long-term growth ambitions.
    Personally, I am a Gallup certified strength coach to help individuals and organizations to identify their strengths and build plans to live a strengths based life with full potential.

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    Catalina Fernandez

    Foodie & Cross-cultural Communicator

    Born in Colombia but lived in the US most of her life, Catalina currently resides in Shanghai. She holds a masters degree in International Public Policy. Catalina works at an NGO that represents EU businesses in China creating effective communication channels with European and Chinese governments, business associations and media. She is passionate about building bridges between cultures; pushing forward sustainability awareness, women empowerment, and diversity and inclusion.

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    Nan (Anna) Lin

    Strategy Consultant at IBM

    Graduated from Imperial College London, I am a Strategy Consultant at IBM Shanghai Office, focusing on digital strategy consulting for Chinese leading companies. In addition to delivering high returns for clients, I would like to create value to and make an impact on communities and ordinary people. Helping change people's lives for the better is something I aspire to do through my career as a Consultant.

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    Heather Yixuan Li

    Founder of the Dot Connector

    Heather is a communications professional from Beijing. She's specialized in cross-border PR for tech companies and startups. Her passion about China-Africa Relations and facilitating meaningful cross-cultural dialogues has inspired her to create her own PR & marketing initiative, the Dot Connector. She graduated from Penn State University and previously worked at TechNode as an events & community manager.

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    Marina Du

    Manager at EY Transformation Consulting

    With a background in design and innovation, Marina is currently a Manager at EY Transformation Consulting. Leaving a global social impact footprint, she had experiences from working in impact investing in New York to studying regenerative ecology in Costa Rica to using Design Thinking for rural China village development.

    She is particularly interested in creating the circular economy of tomorrow. In 2020, she had launched her own "Circular Economy" online course on EY Academy. Marina is also a certified Foresight Practitioner by the Institute for the Future.

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    Committed to improving beyond borders

    IMPROVE is a 7-day all-inclusive (flights, accommodation, transportation, food) expedition that gathers 8 Global Shapers from all around the world every year in a different dynamic city. The destination city in 2017 is Shanghai! The 8 selected Global Shapers all share the same goal: improve something in 7 days! During their stay and while working on their individual project, they will interact with inspiring people from various backgrounds and industries who will challenge their thoughts, encourage innovative thinking and help them generate positive outcomes.


    Stay Updated with our winners on our Facebook page.

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    Meet the Industry Leader

    A Joint Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers Community Project

    Meet The Industry Leader is a themed forum held by the Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers community. It aims to invite industry leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities they are facing in the current environment, and to achieve continuous innovation and growth. This forum will directly invite Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers, and bring them together to build and strengthen connections, and seed ideas for new collaborations and development.The forum has three panels: Challenge, Growth and Innovation. Each panel will include four distinguished guest speakers and a famous host to attend.

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    Healthy Workplace

    Wellness for Young Professionals

    In today’s China, many young professionals are unhealthy, stressed or overweight. The sedentary behavior of most white-collar office workers can lead to a range of detrimental effects: physical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety pressures.

    Careers don’t have to be bad for your health. The workplace should be a place where productivity, creative ideas and nourishing healthy habits all meet to form a sustainable lifestyle.
    ‘A Healthy Workplace’ is a series of quarterly educational workshops that include nutrition, sleep, exercise, mindfulness and other important aspects of staying healthy. The aim of these educational series is to give the audience the tools to create programs and habits to prevent both chronic health problems and acute injuries within their workplace, and providing relevant wellness appreciation to the wider community.

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    Phoenix Risen

    A Global Platform to Combat Sexual Assault

    In collaboration with the YGL community and supported by New Champions 5050, we founded Phoenix Risen, an initiative to combat sexual violence globally through resource sharing and community building. We

    • Encourage women to write letters for self healing and community
    • Empower grassroots organizations through best practice sharing 
    • And are are working with coaches and psychologists to create a detailed guidebook to clarify and change the language around sexual violence 

    Check us out at www.phoenixrisen.org

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    The Future of X

    Trend-Setting White Papers

    The future of X project aims to gauge cultural foresight through interviewing key opinion leaders in order to facilitate innovation at China.


    The project will empower and strengthen global shaper community as a thought leader through publishing 'The future of X' white paper on international media.

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    Transforming Family Businesses

    Family businesses form the backbone of our communities, yet these are also among the most vulnerable to income shocks. Reinvent supports local family restaurants in Shanghai, providing menu translation, design and promotion on a non-profit basis. Ultimately, this provides incremental income that families can invest in their health, nutrition and education, with positive effects across generations.

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    Accessible Entrepreneurship

    Impact, Authenticity, and Accessibility

    There are three themes to improve the current state of entrepreneurship in China and globally: impact, authenticity, and accessibility. Impact is to broaden the scope of problems people solve for. Authenticity is to encourage self-awareness and vulnerability in entrepreneurs. Accessibility is to increase diversity and make it easy for anyone anywhere to start a business.


    Accessible Entrepreneurship will address this through entrepreneurship workshops that share the raw stories people, especially women, face as entrepreneurs and teach them the tools and resources they can use to start their own businesses.


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    Little BLUE

    May 2017

    Ting Ting Chan


    Little BLUE is an ocean-oriented project to raise such awareness of ocean and marine life, starting right here from Shanghai, whose inhabitants (more importantly, kids) are open-minded to novelties, but can be somewhat ignorant with what’s happening in nature, especially ocean.


    It would be initiated in forms of campaign + keynote speeches among schools, co-working spaces and radio.

    broken image

    openIDEO eduPRACTICAL 

    September 2016

    Stephany Zoo


    OpenIDEO is a global community of one hundred thousand people working together to design the best solutions for the world's toughest challenges. The Shanghai Chapter is a local community that is run by individuals driven by social impact. We devote our time to galvanize the community to make positive change.


    Global Shapers will host a one day design challenge in June focusing on education challenges from 3 different companies. The winning solution will be implemented with the support of the OpenIDEO community.

    broken image

    Gallery Walk



    Under the initiative of starting a Shanghai contemporary art education project, this first activity for this project will be a public gallery and architecture walk. This activity aims to provide a holistic perspective of contemporary art scenes in Shanghai given the interesting architectural history during the foreign concessions.


    The event will provide participants an opportunity to view and interact with several latest art exhibitions. The walk will also initiate a discussion among the group on topics related to abstract, avant-grande, and modern art forms, and they will also get a chance to discover a lifestyle center founded by a Chinese contemporary fashion brand. We hope to transform specialized knowledge of art and fashion and make these resources more accessible to the public.

    broken image

    TEDxShanghai: Balance

    July 2016

    Lulu Ying


    An independently organized program under the widely popular TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks, TEDx is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversations and connection through local TED experiences under the global mission of “Ideas worth spreading”.

    This year TEDx Shanghai’s conference is held on May 7th at the new Shanghai Tower and brings us to the theme of Balance. Living in a great time of dualities: rural and urban, east and west, past and future – TEDx Shanghai will show the poetic balance between these interconnected opposites, creating and fostering long-lasting conversations.



    In collaboration with World Economic Forum Young Global Shapers, the team will organize an event with over 23 speakers and 2000 live audience members, live streaming globally to all countries – spreading ideas worth sharing.

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    G20 Summit: Warm up Session: Emerging Market Venture Capital 

    July 2016

    Lulu Ying & Fergus Woodward


    China hosts the G-20 Summit for the first time in Hangzhou. The events will be timed to tie in with the build up to the summit in the fall.



    The Shanghai WEF GS chapter will take advantage of the high-profile event's presence by holding a series of events. The events are designed to explore and understand some of the issues facing China and the G-20 that will be discussed at the summit in September. Key takeaways from the events will help the WEF GS to better understand the G-20 themes and challenges, with the insights provided readily available.


    At a rare, intimate event, Tharon Smith, Managing Director of Fintech Company LendIt,  Director of Research, Venture Capital Investment, Fudan University, Kauffman Fellow, Founding Partner at Strontium Group shared her experiences from her 15 years in China on Emerging Markets Venture Capital in an intimate discussion.

    broken image

    Tom's Interactive Book Slam with Blake Mycoskie

    April 2016

    Stephany Zoo


    WEF Global Shapers and LXW are very excited to be welcoming Blake Mycoskie, Founder of TOMS, for an interactive book slam on Wednesday, April 6th, 7:30-10 pm.



    Blake Mycoskie is the Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, and the person behind the idea of One for One®, a business model that helps a person in need with every product purchased.

    A simple idea has grown into a global movement: TOMS Shoes has provided over 50 million pairs of shoes to children since 2006, TOMS Eyewear has restored sight to over 360,000 since 2011 and TOMS Roasting Company has helped provide over 250,000 weeks of safe water since launching in 2014.

    broken image

    Shapers Mentors: The Panda Tank

    May 2016

    Greg Nance & Eoin Brown


    Shapers Mentor: The Panda Tank" is an event series in which the Shanghai Shapers will invite select student leaders and their teams to present their organizations to relevant experts, with the potential to be invited to launch a long-term mentor-mentee relationship. Part of this student mentor matching process will happen in a fun way, modeled after the popular U.S. television show "Shark Tank." Students will pitch themselves and their organizations to mentors, seeking "investment," but that which will come in the form of mentorship and time. Students will also receive immediate feedback and learn via discussion, small group activities, and presentations. Each event in the series will have a different theme and the first event featured education-related organizations and mentors.


    The Shanghai II Hub accepts members for our core team on an annual basis.
    New Global Shaper applicants must meet the under-27 age requirement as of 2020.


    If you're a young person in the Shanghai area who is committed to making a difference in the world, click the link below and apply to join our hub. Additionally, please send an email to shanghaiglobalshapers2hub@gmail.com confirming your application.



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    Stephany Zoo

    Head of MarComm, http://www.bitpesa.co
    Curator 2017

    Having lived on three continents, Stephany strives to create stories that knit together diverse backgrounds. Entrepreneurial at heart, Stephany founded ecommerce site BUNDSHOP.com, and League X, a boutique tech branding firm. She helped launch SAP’s flagship SME product in China, as well as consulted for a number of Chinese SOE’s, including Ping’An and China Telecom. She is currently the Head of MarComm for BitPesa, Pan-Africa’s first and largest cryptocurrency based FX exchange. Her passion projects also include, Phoenix Risen, a platform to bring men and women together to combat sexual violation. Find out more at www.stephanyzoo.com 

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    Alice Casiraghi

    Wilddesign Shanghai
    Vice Curator 2019

    Alice is a designer from Italy with a passion for the world of services, user experience and interaction. She started freelancing for different startups in Italy and China and now she works at Wilddesign Shanghai conducting user research, trend studies, brand adaptation for both local companies aiming to expand to the global market and foreign companies that want to adapt their brand image and product portfolio to the peculiar Chinese market. She is interested in the design of relations among people, products, spaces and information, when it is beautiful, functional, seamless.

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    Alana Strassfield

    Impact and Analytics Associate

    Vice Curator 2018

    I hold a Bachelors in Economics from Siena College. I'm passionate about human rights, Fair Trade and alternative business models which promote economic development. In university, I led the Real Food Challenge to calculate the percentage of sustainably sourced food and increase the annual percentage from 12% to 20%. Ever since graduating I've worked for various non profits and brands at the intersection of business and human rights. I'm originally from New York and currently live in Shanghai working in a data analyst position for a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consulting firm. I'm a vegetarian, runner and love all water sports (sailing is my favorite!)


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    Lucía Wang

    PR & Branding Specialist

    Curator 2019

    Born and raised in Argentina from Chinese parents, Lucía is passionate about storytelling, wellness, and social responsibility, often working with projects and ideas that encourage change at a community and personal level. Lucía's projects range from corporate to non-profit community work, cultivating and bringing innovative ideas to life, and building bridges between East and West.

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    Chris Royle

    Sustainability Advocate

    Chris leads the Product Development side of Travel Plus, a company premised upon opening the world through education.  He previously founded a sustainability education company that reached over 1200 Toronto youth, was winner of the “Business for a Better World” competition at the World Economic Forum, and was a Youth Advisory Board Member at the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

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    Alex Shoer

    Clean Energy Evangelist

    Alex moved to Shanghai in 2011 to bring innovative project financing models to deploy clean energy projects as that has proven to be the quickest way to reduce coal usage and air pollution. He co-founded Seeder to facilitate distributed energy projects for factory owners in China to easily – even at no cost to them – put solar on their rooftops to lower their energy bills and achieve their carbon reduction and renewable energy targets.

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    Dr. John Ji

    Assistant Professor

    John is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at Duke Kunshan University and Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment. His research group focuses on quantifying environmental determinants of air, soil, and water pollutants on human health, particularly brain function and aging. He is passionate about dissemination of science knowledge to the public to promote living happier and healthier lives. Educated in the U.S., John received his bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from the Johns Hopkins University and his doctoral degree in Environmental Health from Harvard University.

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    James Dacosta

    Co-Founder, Mandala Group

    As a Co-Founder of Mandala Group, James specialises in designing and developing mobile applications for low-income and rural communities across Asia and Africa. He has spent significant time in the Nairobi and Shanghai startup eco-systems. He is also a Regional Director for Hult Prize, the world's leading platform for the creation and launch of for-good, for-profit start-ups emerging from universities. James regularly engages in public speaking about social impact and technology, including Startup Grind, TEDx and UK Parliament.

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    Derya Völlings

    Sustainability Manager Asia Pacific, IKEA Group

    Derya grew up in a German-Turkish household near Dϋsseldorf, Germany. After finishing her business degree in International Trade she lived and worked in the Netherlands before moving to Shanghai in 2017. She started her career at IKEA in 2008 and is now Regional Sustainability Manager for Retail operations across Asia Pacific (Australia, China, India, Japan, and South Korea) supporting the implementation of the company’s sustainability strategy “People & Planet Positive”. Derya truly believes that sustainability will shape society and transform the business landscape this century. She is committed to creating a positive
    impact for people and our planet. During free time you can find her running, on the yoga mat, or cooking vegetarian food.

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