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Official Recognition

At the end of 2014, the Global Shapers Shanghai International Hub received formal recognition of our entry to the Global Shapers Community. This is the beginning of something great.
Upon official recognition, the founding team approved the Global Shapers Shanghai International Hub Charter. Our founding principles are as follows:
The purpose of this Shanghai International Hub shall be to establish, maintain, govern, improve and promote the welfare of the organization, which shall have for its objective to build a community of outstanding young people in Shanghai to improve the state the world.

To achieve this, we set out three objectives:
  1. Establish a thriving community of action-oriented members
  2. Leverage our international backgrounds to make visible contributions on human capital development in the Shanghai Area
  3. Participate regularly in World Economic Forum activities and build relationships across the Global Shapers network
Core Values
  • People First — Robust personal interaction among the community is core to our success
  • Engage the World — We’re just one piece of a amazing international network
  • Respect the Individual — Every Shaper is encouraged to engage his/her own professional endeavours and interests
  • Build an Ecosystem — We foster a collaborative work style where everyone is free to pitch ideas to the group that are decided by consensus.
  • Bias for Action —We expect active and regular participation from *all* members
Founding members comprise Max Artz, Ruby Chui, Samuel Heuck, Greg Nance, and Daniel Tedesco. We look forward to working with industry, government, and society alike in establishing a strong hub and making meaningful contributions to the community in Shanghai and around the globe. Please join us in celebrating the start of a new chapter for Global Shapers in Shanghai.