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TODAY! We're accepting applications until Jan 15th.
Shanghai Global Shapers applications are now open!
After a fantastic first year, we are ready to start recruiting our next class Shanghai Global Shapers -- International Hub. If you've been following us and have interest to join, now is your time to shine.
We're looking for the following in our members:
  1. Ambitious with a personal vision for one's impact in the world
  2. Committed to solving big challenges by building projects through the WEF's global network
  3. Investing in engaging cross-cultural relationships
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Recruitment beings today.
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Our basic selection sequence is as follows:​
  1. Applications submitted
  2. ​A​pplications ​reviewed to determine fit based on our selection rubric and finalists are shortlisted
  3. Follow-on dinner event with finalists
  4. F​inalists submit an event pitch to demonstrate their vision for the Hub and potential contributions
  5. Inaugural Shapers class is selected