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New 2016 Global Shapers!

We are excited to announce the 2016 cohort of the Shanghai Global Shapers International Hub II. We have selected 6 new Core members from 5 different countries, and 6 Community members from 3 different countries. We also now have a female majority in our Core, with 9 out of 13 members.

They also come very different background including creative consulting, education, manufacturing and CSR. 


Rachel Sorenson (US) 

Su Miao (US) 

Alice Casiraghi (Italian) 

Lisa Xu (China) 

Lu Ying (Finland) 

Mariel Palomino (Mexico) 


Eshine Du (China)

Qi Liu (China) 

Susanna Ma (China) 

Kang Kang (China) 

Chris Wood (US) 

Sarah Ali (UK)