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New 2017 Shapers!

We are excited to announce the 2017 cohort of the Shanghai Global Shapers International Hub II. We have selected 17 new Core members from 8 different countries, and 7 Community members from 3 different countries. We also now have a female majority in our Core and Community, with 25 out of 42 members.


Chi-Linh Jeremy Nguyen-Phuong

Alana Strassfield

Darren O Connell

Chris Royle

Amy Ly

Marianne Hoeft

Tingting Fang

John S. Ji

Louis Liu

Simon Vogel

Lucy Luo

William Morris

Nicolas de Toledo

Lucía Wang

Grace Ng


Nikki Wong

Low Hui Ping

Gary Topp

Ming Khor

Becky Lin

Alex Shoer

Qiao(Bridget) Ding